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About Rogue Web Works

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on creating and supporting the online presence of small businesses and entrepreneurs. We have over 20 years of working experience as small business owners. Because of this, your concerns are also ours and we have a common bond with our clients. We put a great deal of pride in providing quality results at a fair price. Our bidding practices are well thought out and we usually complete projects at or below quoted costs. Our success is tied to your success so we are careful to provide you with the tools to succeed including a worksheet for providing us necessary information to complete your project efficiently and on budget.

Our Experience

With Rogue Web Works you get a wealth of experience and expertise. Since the early 1990's, Eric has been involved with technology and the Internet. He has run a service bureau, started and run for over 10 years a small business computer consultancy, run the day-to-day operations of Coastside Net Internet Service and been operationally involved in a Search Engine Marketing Consultancy. Robin received a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a Digital Graphics focus and successfully operated her own web design firm, Coastal Graphix, from 1999-2006, when she and Eric formed Rogue Web Works. Prior to that, Robin spent over a decade working in the legal field. This combination of experience gives Robin a unique blend of art and accuracy, and it shows in her work.