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Process and Methods

Project Management

We are happy to manage the entire project for you or simply act as a member of your team. We understand that sometimes it is important to be involved in every aspect of your site design and deployment and other times you need to hand off responsibility. Either method works for us. Additionally, we can act as your staff web person providing update services and content management.

Graphic Comps

We will provide as many comps as you need that are within your budget. We normally produce two per template to provide options. We then get feedback on what we have designed and modify the comp as needed, sometimes taking elements from both comps and combining them into a new version. After another round of feedback, we normally have a finalized and approved comp ready for production.

Site Build Out & Back-End Programming

We take the approved comps and use the layout(s) to build out web pages and complete back-end programming and scripting. We will work with you to develop any necessary back-end programming and scripting that fits within your budget. We can also provide a full-featured Shopping Cart solution to integrate with most websites.

Deployment, Testing & Launch

Our design team will deploy your draft site on a robust and stable UNIX/Linux server and set up any supporting technologies that you need, such as email accounts. We will then thoroughly test your site to make sure that everything is working. Once we have finished testing, and the client has had a chance to test themselves, we will launch your site to the entire world. We will be ready to support you if any changes need to be made or if anything isn't working.


Maintenance is an integral part of our business. We have plans that give our clients the peace of mind to know that their changes can be done within hours for rush jobs and within specified times for normal maintenance work. Others may prefer to have us update their content periodically at certain intervals. Either way, we will support you and your website.

We speak Joomla and Wordpress fluently, among other languages. Talk to us.